Switch ideas for a new outlet?

Hi guys.

here is the situation…I am adding a new outlet in the bathroom for a space heater. I’d like to put this outlet on a switch, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of fishing a new wire where the bathroom switches are today.

Ideally I could also set a desired temp for the room and put it on a timer.

so I could say set the device to come on automatically at 7 am with a target temp of 75 but I could also turn it on ad hoc.

any suggestions?

I was thinking if there was single gang remote switch that could draw power from the wall then I could consolidate the light and fan switches to a dual switch and use the free space for the new device.

I have already fished wire from the attic to the new outlet location. I just need to splice into a hot wire in the attic to provide power.

You’re going to need a smart outlet, obviously. Is this going to be on a 15A circuit? If so, you should be able to use a GE outlet. Not sure if it’s a 20A circuit. You could also consider using a regular outlet and a plug-in appliance module.

You can control the smart outlet using a smart switch which you can locate in the box you mentioned after getting a stacked switch to free up a space. This will allow you to turn on the heater manually with the switch or to program it via ST. With most smart switches, you’ll need a neutral in the box.

Insure that both your switch and your outlet are NOT dimmers.

Thanks. yes15A. So since the switch won’t connect via hardwire to the outlet (like a traditional one would) is there s special type of switch I need? Doesn’t seem like the ‘add-on’ type switch would work as there is no primary. Will standard smartthings switch work for this application?

Sorry if these are dumb questions as I don’t have the hub installed yet (since we haven’t moved into the new home yet there is no Wi-Fi here). Im just trying to get the wiring right while I have some walls partially open.

Nothing special regarding the switch but do not get a dimmer switch. You should review these forums to decide which brand is best for you. I use GE 12722 switches, but there are many brands to chose from.


You will need the hub for this to work. I understand you’re in the construction phase.

If anyone here has anything to add, I’m sure they’ll post before you close the walls up!

Thanks Bry. just so I understand…

If I use a standard smart things non dimmable switch then after I get the hub installed I will be able to see the switch and the outlet there and I can basically configure it such that switch controls the outlet. is that right?

Right. You’ll need a smart outlet, too.