Turn off smart outlet, wait 15 minutes, turn off second smart outlet

I’m converting from Wink for home automation b/c I want to have more control with SmartThings.

Can anyone help a newbie with an automation task? I want to turn on one 110v smart outlet (pool heater related device), wait 15 minutes, then turn off a second 220v smart outlet (pool pump) in addition to the initial smart outlet (pool heater). Obviously I can schedule the two outlets to turn on and off 15 minutes apart, but I’d prefer to only turn on one smart outlet in the schedule, and automation magically turns off both outlet 15 minutes later without me having to remember to schedule it that way.

I think this may sound confusing, but this is what I want: turn on pool pump at 6am via smart outlet. At 8:45am, turn on smart outlet to have custom IoT device that triggers heater to stop heating. At 9am turn off pool pump smart outlet and turn off heater relay trigger custom IoT device smart outlet.

More detail: my 220v pump will be connected to the GE Heavy Duty 40 Amp Smart Switch connected to ST and pool heater will be hooked up to a 110v Sylvania smart plug that powers a custom IoT device I’m creating that simply triggers a 24v relay (triggers it when it is powered up) that trips my Jandy Lite 2 heater’s fireman’s switch. The fireman’s switch tells the heater to stop heating without turning off the power to the heater and regardless of whether the pool is at the desired temp or not yet. And the 15 minute delay allows my pump to continue circulating water through my heater so it can cool down (that is supposed to extend the lifetime of the heater and its parts). After the 15 minutes, I want to turn off both smart swtiches. Note that my heater has 110v power, but that is unrelated to my problem as I’m not turning off the heater’s 110v power, I’m instead triggering a relay to tell it to stop heating, but not shutting off the power to the heater.

Thanks in advance!!

The custom automation creator allows adding waits to actions and could probably handle this.

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If @Automated_House ‘s suggestion of using the wait feature doesn’t work for you, come back. :sunglasses: There are multiple different ways to do this, it’s just that they are more complex to setup.

Thanks for your response! I can do most of what I need via the custom automation, thanks.

See screenshot, using custom automation, I can successfully turn off smart switch #2 15 minutes after turning on smart switch #1. But what I still cannot do is shut off smart switch #1 at same time (after the delay) that I’m turning off smart switch #2.

In my custom automation, in my device list, it seems I’m only able to reference a device once and cannot reference it again anywhere in the automation. I say this b/c the devices are missing from the device list once they have been included as a device in the automation. Does this make sense?

Yup, that is limitation for some reason. Create a second automation for IF GE plug in turns off THEN turn off Sylvania plug. Unless you don’t always want that to happen.

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