Need guidance/help/advice on how to set up routines for SHM

Scenario: Using phones and presence sensors I have routines working fairly well.
Once everyone leaves the routine switches off lights and arms my Blink cameras within 1 minute. So far so good.

Coming home is where we have a problem. I’ve set the arrival routine thus: when someone arrives, turn off the Blink cameras and turn on the hallway light as an indication that the house is “disarmed”. Every so often we get alarms when we arrive and the hallway light is on and get an “Entrance Door Intrusion Detected”, and the Blink camera starts to record and notifies like crazy.

So my thought is this, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to set it up: When home is succesfully disarmed, turn on hallway light with green colour. When front door is opened (contact sensor) change the light to white.

Furthermore: when an alarm has been set off by SHM, the routine automatically turns on specific lights. How would I go about to have my system turn those lights off when I have dismissed an alarm as false?