Turning off SHM hourly intrusion reminder

I’ve tried googling this and searching the forum but not much luck.
Has anyone found a way to turn off the SHM hourly intrusion alarm?
I saw some people posted API code to control it. But I’m not savvy enough to write my own code.
I am wondering if there is a way to write a CoRE piston that automatically “dismisses” the intrusion alert a few seconds after the intrusion is detected.

I like using SHM but the intrusion reminder is such a bad feature for me. I’m so sad there’s no way to configure the reminders.

Right now I base some of my automation on SHM status.
If we can’t figure this out I will basically reprogram all of my automation to edit out SHM. Which would be sad. But I am sick of dismissing the reminders every time a cat walking across my porch triggers a camera (for example).

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks. That makes sense. Was hopefully by to avoid reprogramming but it shouldn’t be too painful.

I wonder how folks use SmartThings without core…

Painfully but not the end of the world compare to Wink.

I draw a distinction between my indoor and outdoor devices. All of my indoor devices are in SHM as anything going on inside my house in the Away mode would indicate an intrusion, (except for false alerts), None of my external devices are included into SHM as any activity happening outside my home is interesting, no intrusion has happened at that point. So for those devices I use Custom Rules.
Therefore, a child, cat, dog, the mailman walking within range of my sensors and cameras will send me a notification and record a video of the event, it does not set off an intrusion alert.



I really appreciate all the thoughts.

It turns out that avoiding SHM triggers was not as hard as I thought at first. As Robin suggested, you can leave SHM ‘on’ so that you get the three button switch (disarmed, armed/home, armed away) but not set it to go off for any triggers. [Side not, if you disable SHM altogether, then you don’t get the three button switch.]

Then, all I had to do was trigger notifications in CoRE and light alerts in CoRE. The logic was pretty much:

IF SHM is Armed/Home AND [outdoor cameras detect motion, or door sensors change to open] THEN trigger push message and light alert. (Same code for SHM is Armed/Away, except I also include indoor cameras to the motion trigger.)

I have a separate piston which turns off the light alert after 5 minutes of no motion detected by the camera.

The one thing you lose is that SHM would tell you exactly which camera or sensor was tripped in the push message. With CoRE I think I can only send a generic message, unless I program 10 different pistons - one specifically for each camera or sensor, with a custom message. Not a big deal, since my Arlo Cameras separately push a notification when they are tripped, indicating which one detected motion.


Thanks. That makes sense. I installed webCoRE but haven’t moved my pistons over yet. “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” kind of thing… but the additional flexibility would be useful.

I know you said you won’t go into it lol
But could you give a basic example of a message that includes the expressions etc…

Thanks great examples there.
I think I need to pimp my messages up a little looking at them :slight_smile: