Turn off light once EVERYONE is home

Is there a way to create a rule or SmartApp that will leave the outside light on, until ST senses that all four of our phones are present? After the last family member comes home, the light can shut off after a few minutes.

This can’t be done easily with the regular features, but can be done with core:

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I have a rule that turns on the porch light when someone “arrives”. Typically the arrival happens 1-3 minutes before the person actually arrives. It works for the most part.

Yup CoRE. Latching piston, IF sunset using x light turn on(turn light on at some point) BUT IF each of a,b,c,d is present then wait 2 minutes, turn x light off.

Thanks for the help! CoRE installed, and I can successfully set up the first trigger… but then HOW do I get to the area where I enter the ‘But If’ condition, as outlined above?

I’m sure it’s simple… forgive my noobiness.

You have to change the piston type. It defaults to Basic, but if you tap on that you can select one of several different types. The one referenced in the screenshots above is Latching.

Here’s a good explanation of the different piston types I swiped from someone on the boards here, for future reference…

Thank you. Did not notice the option to change the Piston type until after your reply.

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