Lights on 20% at dusk, 100% doorbell for 5 mins, back to 20% off midnight

I turn my exterior lights on (dimmed 20%) at dusk and off completely at midnight.

I’d like a sensor (gate sensor/doorbell when someone pulls into driveway, then go back to 20% dim after 5 minutes. At midnight, shut them all off.

The tricky part is returning to 20% dim, not OFF after the timer and the midnight curfew.

Any ideas? I’m thinking of writing my own app.

no need to write your own. install Core.

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Core, for sure. :sunglasses:

I did something similar but used ST’s “Smart Lighting” smartapp. My front door lights go on at 20% at sunset when the house goes into Night mode. A motion sensor triggers them to go to 100% when motion is detected and then back down to 20% once motion stops. To get this done, I used one instance in SL to set the dim level of the lights upon motion only when mode is Night. This instance does not turn the lights off. To bring the lights back down to 20% I have another instance that triggers the set dim level to 20% when motion stops only when the mode is Night. I have other SL automations to handle turning the lights on/off in the first place.

You might be able to do what you are trying to do with SL as well however as everyone is suggesting CoRE is way more powerful. I have installed it but not used it yet, and may not use it for things where I want local processing (possible with my SL based setup). Speed of reaction to events is critical for this type of automation as I wanted the light to become bright before the person gets too close to the house rather than when they are already at my door.


All good considerations.
However, I’m seriously looking at writing a custom app. My brief introduction seems doable. I’m a coder and find it easier to write code than learn CoRE.


If you think of CORE as a scripting language, you’re basically writing your own app with every piston. And core has done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. It’s a framework in that sense, and as a coder you should find it very easy to pick up.

i’m not saying don’t code your own if you would find that enjoyable, but a lot of SmartThings is undocumented, and if your goal is to accomplish home automation using this platform, it will probably go much more quickly and smoothly if you use your coding skills to create core pistons. Just a thought. :sunglasses:

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I’ll look at CORE.

ALL this is new to me and I find ST to be fascinating.

I’m hacking a driveway sensor alarm to connect with a contact sensor to trigger an event that someone has pulled into the driveway.
My lights are normally dimmed to 20% most of the night and my hope is to force them to full brightness to welcome the visitor.

Seeing some of the existing apps, I’m excited to create more automation.

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I do that with SmartLighting.

ST motion sensor mounted outside on the front porch. Bloomsky on the roof.

1 Lights on if luminance is below 1000 on Bloomsky
2 All front yard lights on at 100% with motion dusk- dawn
3 All front yard lights on at 10% with no motion for 5 min dusk to dawn
4 Lights off if Luminance is above 2000 on Bloomsky

You can easily replace the luminance with a time.

Do you mean “Smart Lights”?
I don’t see SmartLIghting.

The Smart LIghts options as you describe.

Unless they changed the name in the latest update, Smart Lighting is the standard ST automation app