How to automatically turn on Exterior lights after either of us get home from work?

I just got my hub today and installed 2 smart switches. I would like to set up a routine to automatically turn my exterior lights on when I or my mom get home and then turn them off after 30 minutes of being on since in total they use about 400 watts. I’m brand new to SmartThings environment so some help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

The Smart Lighting app will work for you. Or when you are ready to be adventurous, there is CoRE.

First you need a way for ST to know you have arrived. You can use your phones for presence sensors, but depending on your phone and signal strength it can be flaky. To do that install the ST app on both your phones and add them as presence sensors.
. Go into SmartLighting app , set up a new automation. select the outside lights , what do you want to do " turn on" Select trigger presence , when someone arrives , select both of your phones.

To turn off after 30 minutes another new automation, select " outdoor lights" , what do you want to do " turn off" select trigger " Power allowance " 30 minutes.

Don’t forget when using phone as presence sensors, your phone should login to your SmartThings account. The 2nd phone needs to be invited to login to your account with it’s own login and password. Otherwise both phones will appear to be you coming and going.

Question. Will the power allowance turn the lights off even if they were manually turned on? Is there a way to only turn them off if they were turned on via a presence app but leave them alone if the on even was a manual operation of the switch.


Assuming there is no arrival to trigger your automation, the conditions specified in that automation would not apply.

or you can just download smartrules app on your iOS device

Just my 2 cents…how I achieved a similar goal with CoRE smart app, a few dimming smart bulbs, some ground lights, few contact sensors, a wall button switch, & a smart deadbolt…
I decided to utilize a smart deadbolt on my front door. That lock is tied to our cell phones that are the presence sensors. Presence change (Arrival) unlocks front deadbolt. Action of that unlocking triggers an arrival Lighting routine, turning on/increasing to full brightness all outdoor/entryway Lights. They all remain in arrival state UNTIL door is locked, which then triggers a 5 minute timer that sets lights back to an evening lighting routine. Routine is dependent on sunrise/sunset as to if it will operate. Also, functions well as a departure lighting because I only need to unlock door on my way out (or open a garage door) to trigger lighting & I lock door on way out (or close garage door), giving me 5 mins before lights switch back to evening setting. I also enabled same capability utilizing garage door position sensors to mimic same lights routine if change to open/closed. The smart lock also has a keypad for manual entry if phone is not present or any other reason door lock doesn’t automate. Again, all lighting activities will still be triggered by the lock. Additionally, if somehow we forget to hit the lock button on door when leaving, there is an auto lock routine based upon either A) Amount of time lock left in unlock state or B) Presence sensor showing a departure. Last piece, I added an Osram switch by the front door which will manually turn on/off/set brightness of the external lights if I want them on without unlocking door.

Just sharing how I achieved my lighting goals. Gotta love that when I turn the corner on my block, I see the house light up & all I need to do is walk right in the house & lock the door behind me. We haven’t used house keys once since setting this up, nor ever enter/approach a dark house. A little fun, since most of the lighting is RGBW, during holiday seasons, I had setup some fun lighting scenes too. It’s addictive once you start