Trying to unlock zwave deadbolt when I get home

(Blair Dee) #1

I am new to smartthings. I just got it all set up and also installed a kwikset zwave deadbolt on my house. I have set up in smartthings an action to unlock the deadbolt when one of our three family members comes home and to send out a push notification.

each member of the family has an iphone which I have set up in smartthings a presence sensors.

So everything works perfectly for me. but not for my wife. For my wife, it will detect her presence when she gets home, and will send the push notification out, but when she walks up to the door it is still locked every time. For some reason it is detecting her presence correctly but it doesn’t seem to be sending the unlock command.

I will attach a screenshot of my door unlock routine.

Can someone help me figure out why it isn’t working for her?

(Blair Dee) #2

Here is the screenshot I promised. Any help would be appreciated.


I have not tried that app. Has it ever worked for her when she’s the first one home?

(Gilbert Chan) #4

Can you review the logs of the lock. It may be unlocking for her when she approaches the house, however locks back by the time she gets to the front door. Some locks have auto lock after 30 secs; you can also configure a smartapp to auto lock for you on a specify duration.


I have the same issue. It just will not unlock the door for my wife even though it senses her presence.


This is probably not the best solution but have you tried installing another instance of the app but only with her presence selected to trigger the unlock. Deselect her phone from the original instance of the app.

(Blair Dee) #7

well what is interesting is that as of today, it no longer unlocks automatically for me either. If I go into things from the main screen I can lock or unlock it but for some reason the auto-unlock just wont happen for anyone anymore.

I looked in the smartthings log and it does not show that it is unlocking the door.

(Blair Dee) #8

Also - just to clarify, here is how I went to install this feature:

  1. From home screen go to Doors & Locks
  2. tap the gear icon in the upper right
  3. tap on Add a door (or if you have already added a door, tap on your door)
  4. tap on “Unlock when people come home”
  5. tap Who and choose the people to include
  6. tap done button in upper right.

eibyer I am not sure how to install another instance - would i need to add another door for that?


Sorry, I guess this app will not let another instance of the door once it’s already setup.

Curious though why suddenly it’s not working even for you.

(Edward Pope) #10

Additional information needed,

Where is the ST Hub located in the house?

Have you ever gone to unlock the door manually and not have it unlock?

(Marc) #11

This sounds like it could be some sort of zWave issue. I would do a zWave repair on your network and ensure you have a zWave repeater, or a powered zWave outlet/switch.

(Blair Dee) #12

The smartthings hun is located upstairs and the lock is downstairs and there is a ge plug in lamp module on each end of the house upstairs but none downstairs which I believe should act as repeaters. its possible that the signal is not reaching the lock but it works very reliable when locking and unlocking the door manually. I have never had that fail. Also if it was ending the request to the lock but it was just not reaching it, wouldn’t I see an entry in the smartthings log indicating that the request was sent?

I do have two more ge lamp modules arriving on monday which I plan to use on lamps in the room downstairs right near the lock so if it is an issue with the wireless signal, this should help it reach, right?

(Blair Dee) #13

Mbhforum, how can I go about doing a zwave repair in smartthings?

when you say a powered zwave switch, I assume you mean because zwave modules generally act as repeaters. Do the ge/jasco plug in lamp modules act as repeaters? hopefully they do because I have two more arriving on monday.

(Marc) #14

You can do a zwave repair from the IDE under Hub and utilities. Yes, any zwave powered device should act as a repeater, just not battery operated ones.


I seriously doubt that its a Z-Wave problem as she can unlock and lock the door manually from her side without an issue.

(Blair Dee) #16

Well that was my initial thought too but what else could it be? I tried removing and re-adding the action and it didn’t seem to help.

If it were a zwave issue would I see the request to unlock in the log on the mobile app?

(Blair Dee) #17

Can someone confirm this for me?

With this action set up when it detects my presence and sends out the push notification, it should also send the request to the lock to unlock. If the request is sent to the lock but it does not actually reach the lock due to zwave network issues, would that request to unlock the door appear in the logs?

And when I say logs, I mean in the ios app, from the home screen click the icon in the upper right to go into Hello House mode, then clicking the icon in the upper right of that screen to go to the “activity feed”.

(Greg) #18

Do you have any conflicting settings?

Like, do you have it to only unlock if your in a specific Mode?

For example, I had my outside lights turning on based on when I arrived home. It didn’t work the first time because I had it set to only do the action if I was arriving home AND the current mode was “away”. When i set up I was thinking I wouldn’t want the lights coming on when i’m already at home and therfore in “home” mode, but then I realized my wife was home so therefore the app was already set to “home” while trying to test it. Taking that out allowed the action to work.

(Blair Dee) #19

I can se where that would do it, but in my case,i don’t think I have any conflicting settings. In the screenshot I posted above, it does not show that there are any conditions set under “more options” is there any other place where i would look?

(Greg) #20

Have you tried removing and re-adding the device to the z-wave network?

Just grasping at straws… sorry.