Random unlocking of door

I have a Kwikset 914 lock and have a smart app “unlock when I arrive” installed. For the last few nights, all of a sudden the door unlocks when I am miles away from my “geo fence.” I end up remotely having to lock it. It functions as expected when I arrive home to unlock. I’m not sure how to fix this- I have removed and reinstalled the smart app to no avail. Anything else to try?

Zwave or Zigbee model?

If it’s Zigbee, there have been a few changes lately with some weirdness. One of the engineers had been looking at it.

If it’s Zwave, I had exactly this problem starting in October. Support confirmed it was happening, but never found a fix. I waited 3 weeks, then ended up taking the lock off of SmartThings for safety reasons. :disappointed_relieved:

In either case, put in a ticket to support@smartthings.com right away, and note the specific times you see it happening.

Good luck, I hope you have a better outcome than I did.


are you using mobile phone or presence sensors

Good news is you can pay 19.95 a month for monitoring of your house now. So if ST unlocks the door randomly, say while you are gone, and someone walks in they will call the police for you for 19.95 per month.

Call now and only 19.95 per month.

But wait, there’s more. Say you are asleep and ST unlocks it, and someone comes in …


Presence sensing currently useless.

Use a PIN code after entry like Alarm Systems have done for decades!

The next question is what the log shows at the time of the unlock.

If the unlock is occurring because the presence indicator incorrectly shows as home and that’s then triggering the unlock, then the problem is with presence. That’s not the problem I had.

If instead the presence does correctly show as away but the lock is just truly randomly unlocking with no recorded triggering event, then that’s the problem I had.

So the details will matter. :sunglasses:

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The Kwikset is z-wave. It randomly unlocked at 8:05- the presence sensor- my iPhone- was “away” when it happened- see pic attached. `

Need to see log from presence sensor just because it was away doesn’t mean it didn’t show home briefly then away again.

When I press list events I get screen below.

It’s always good to check the hub log to see if the hub itself went briefly offline. That can throw off presence-based events.

After that, if the lock’s log says the unlock was app_based, check the lock to see what apps use it. Then check the logs for those apps at that time to see which one sent the unlock.

I only automatically lock my garage interior door for this very reason. In addition, I only allow my garage door to be opened during the daytime automatically and I get an alert if it’s open for more than 10 minutes. Also, I have my doors automatically lock after 5 minutes after an unlock. Gotta put in fail safes with ST :smile: The garage door opening in the middle of the night was not a good experience with my wife next to me.

I no longer allow or use SmartThings to automatically unlock anything. In addition I also dont use the auto lock Smartapp since it also has the auto open if door is open option. Issue I had was the door lock would auto open if the door open/close sensor falsely reported that its “Open” as a result the SmartApp would automatically unlock the door.