Trying to setup lifx, fails

Just received a lifx day/dusk mini bulb. Setup and working fine in the lifx app. When I try to link it to SmartThings classic I get a message about an invalid token when I press the link to enter lifx credentials. Any ideas? Maybe there is a better handler?

Do you have the new SmartThings app installed? You can try installing there.

I don’t. Are there still issues with running both apps simultaneously?

I am going to say No but others may say Yes. Basically Presence sensor issues if you try to run it in both but been working fine in both for me since the Nov. app update. Running SHM and STHM in both apps can be confusing if you set off an alert. Otherwise, you can install both apps at the same time.

So it looks like support for Lifx has been dropped since yesterday. The device handler doesn’t show up in the marketplace (it was there yesterday) and also doesn’t show up on the works with smartthings.

So that’s cool.

Lifx is available in the new app in Add Devices and the Supported Devices list

This is a recently discovered issue with the Classic app. As jkp notes, the integration is still supported. If you haven’t, reach out to support so they can track the issue.