Lifx Bulb, Smartthings Classic

Hey everyone, I just bought a LIFX bulb and I’ve connected it to wi-fi. Well now I can’t get it to connect to Smartthings Classic.

Any ideas?


You will need to install the new SmartThings app and install through the lifx integration. They removed the integration in the Classic app back in February

Well based on the reported instability of the new app I hadn’t planned on installing anytime soon.

But, I installed it. And to wrap up this topic I go the Lifx bulb connected and works beautifully.

OT warning! This app, though. Wow what a pile of… Thank goodness it uses the current IDE/servers and works pretty well along side the Classic app. I was an early adopter and the first few releases a couple years ago were a disaster at best. BUT, it has some wonderful new features I can’t wait to really use once they have a stable release of the app. For me it crashes constantly - mostly when editing Scenes but I can get it to crash reliably every few minutes.

Anyway, I’ll post app stuff where appropriate. Thank you again for the help.

  • mr.smith