Issue adding a new LIFX device to Smartthings

Hi folks -

Just want to start out by saying that I am aware you can’t get at the LIFX integration in the classic smarthings app, so this conversation assumes the new smartthings app.

I have about 20 LIFX bulbs that are happily interacting with Smartthings, and has been for years. Today I just added a new bulb (it’s a LIFX mini white)… it is not showing up in Smartthings.

On the LIFX side it is connected to the LIFX cloud and behaves as normal. I can see the device in Google Home as well.

On the ST side, it’s not there. I attempt to add it manually via the “+” button. I connect to LIFX, and get the list of devices from the LIFX cloud: the new mini white is not listed…all of the other devices are list, but not the new one.

So - do I wait until for something to sync up from the LIFX cloud? Is the mini white not supported? (The ST app says that miniwhites are supported.) Is there some new trick I’m not aware of?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

It sounds like Lifx isn’t passing that information to ST. I would contact Lifx on this one and ask them why all the devices aren’t being send to the ST cloud.

There were before some issues with the LIFX mini bulbs, you best approach, try to do a search only to see it will show up or not. Contact LIFX support as they are responsible for the integration.

Thanks everyone - gonna close this question out. The bulb showed up a few hours after I added it- so I am betting the LIFX cloud was still updating Smartthings.

I continue to have performance issues with my LiFX bulbs ever since I was forced to transition them via the new app. Can’t recall the exact timing but about two months ago, the bulbs completely stopped responding to app control and WebCore automations. So, reached out to ST and was told that I need to add them via the new app. So, I struggled through that process and got them working. However, there are times that they just don’t respond and occasionally drop off the network. I’m glad I don’t have 20 of them (only two but in a main living space), like the OP.

Brian -

Sorry you’re having these issues - honestly, for me once the bulbs are configured, they operate flawlessly and quickly.

I posted elsewhere that I suspect that people who are having problems have routers that have a difficult time with dual frequency vs single frequency device (2.4GHz vs 5Ghz devices). LIFX bulbs are 2.4Ghz only, and I suspect that is part of the issue some folks are seeing.

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