Trying to set up ST hub again and failing

ST has been working fine but I needed to change the wifi network it is on and after trying for over an hour to find a simple way to choose a new network (Samsung was no help), I deleted the device and hit the reset button. Now cannot connect it to anything, wifi or ethernet. I get a message that it is joining β€œst-hubv3-270” but then a message that it is unable to join that network. No explanation.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Went back to Google and this time found this: First, disconnect the power cable from the hub. Then, using a pin or similar tool, hold down the Reset button on the hub while plugging the power cable back in. Continue to hold the Reset button until the LED switches from flashing yellow to solid yellow . The reset can take up to 10 minutes.

More here: Cannot Complete SmartThings Hub (2018) Setup

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