SmartThing hub disconnected from network, now cannot reconnect

I have a 2018 hub, recently purchased. I successfully wirelessly connected it and established a home location and set up about 30 devices with the Classic app. Most of them are wired devices through a third party integration called Konnected, but about 10 are regular ST devices. Everything worked great including an ActionTiles tablet setup. As you can see I’m somewhat technical. Problem is that we had a power outage and now the hub won’t reconnect whatever I do. (I have since put it on a UPS which was the plan all along.)

ST tech support is very slow in responding and are just giving me the advice I’ve already tried. The hub does not show up on the ide. However I can get it to flash as if is searching (have done regular resets, and also factory resets), and it settles down to a flashing blue status.

Any ideas?

When you log into IDE and click on locations does it show more than one location?