Can’t set up pre owned ST Hub v3

Purchased pre owned ST Hub v3 on EBay. Cannot complete the set up. I have tres to reset the device several times. During set up, the device creates its own ST wifi address abs connects but then it never asks to connect to my home wifi and then after a few minutes I get a error message saying the ST Wifi is nit connected to the internet and asks to switch to my phone’s cellular. After several minutes, I get another error message saying the Hub is offline.

Hi. Welcome! To be clear, this is a bunch of SmartThings users trying to help each other out.

I strongly suggest you take this issue to the official SmartThings support team. Be sure to have handy the exact model of the device.

Have you tried connecting it with an Ethernet cable, get it setup and then sort out wireless. Should let you know if there’s an issue with the hub or not

Thanks! I’ve tried with Ethernet cable attached and wifi. Same results. Called Samsung and best they could offer was to walk me through a factory reset. That didn’t work either. Starting to think that pre owned hubs are dead in the water and unable to be redeployed by a new/different owner.

Thanks! I knew that. Was checking here to see if anyone else had a similar experience and was able to solve it. I’ll check with the official smart things team also. Great suggestion. Thanks!

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