Trying to connect harmony hub

I’m having trouble connecting my harmony hub smart app. It’s showing discovery started but can’t locate the hub.
It says:
Select Harmony Hubs (0 found)
You can’t currently add this
Connection to the hub has timed out.Please restart the hub and try again.
I tried that a couple time with no luck.
Has anyone experienced this issue that can offer some advice? Tyia

Read this post to see if any pertain to your situation…

I have same issue with a brand new ST 2.0 and a Harmony Hub that has been working great for last year. ST app just wont’ discover it properly?

@tommytuna @brilpitch

1 - Have you ever had this particular harmony hub paired with your ST hub (or on your account with a different hub) before?

2 - Is the Harmony hub powered on?

I figured it out, I had a second hub set up in my harmony account, as soon as I deleted it the other one connected no problem, thank you everyone