Harmony Hub Integration

Hey guys,

I’m sure you are all sick of this topic but I’ve had a harmony hub paired with SmartThings in the past. I just bought another one and cannot get SmartThings to recognize it. I’ve seen several posts and tried unplugging, pushing the pairing button and restarting the SmartThings hub but no luck. Any suggestions?

I had to delete the smartapp and reinstall when I added a second hub.

Unfortunately I can’t even make it to the smart app. It won’t detect the harmony hub during discover process. It’s killing me!

When you are in discover mode you are in the smart app. I’m talking about the big red Remove button.

Yes. My discovery mode never finds my Harmony hub. I do not have a harmony hub ties to my SmartThings hub currently. I had one before but sold it and deleted everything about six months ago. I can’t get passed discovering the new harmony hub. It tries and still says zero. I delete it after that and try to reinstall but nothing.

The first step I connect the two by entering my Harmony credentials. Then the next screen just keeps searching. There is a message saying the process timed out and it pops up immediately after it starts searching for the harmony hub. I don’t remember if that was there when I had the harmony hub the first time or not.

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Do you have an inactive Harmony hub in your account? If so, the discovery process times out trying to connect to it.

Hmm. Very possible that the old one is still there. It didn’t show up in the app. Does that matter? Could it still be hanging around somehow?

If you log into MyHarmony, you can see if it is still there. If it’s not there, I have only run into one other issue and it required me to remove the SmartApp and start over.

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That worked! Thanks so much. Honestly I’ve never used the computer software so I had no idea it was there.

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