Harmony integration

I cannot get my smart things hub to pair with my harmony smart hub

What do you mean by " pair" ?
To add Harmony to ST you have to install the ST Harmony app and then enter your Harmony online credentials to link the accounts.

After connecting the harmony app to smart things as it begins to look for the harmony hub it keeps responding that the hub has timed out and to restart the hub and 0 hubs(harmony) found.

Do you have any inactive hubs on your account? If so, it won’t find any if it can’t find all. It’s the usual suspect.

No I created a new account for this harmony hub for that reason. This one is at my business and the other harmonys are at my home. But they are not connected to the same email.

That may be the issue. I am not sure if you can link 2 Harmony accounts to a single ST account.

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