Samsung hubs difficult to find

Noticed Smartthings Hub is hard to find on Amazon. Is there a new upcoming generation or is smartthings shutting down. I am just leery to buy one as I have been through this before with Lowes Iris.


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So I need to buy a new hub, is there a partner that you recommend or still buy a 3rd generation smartthings hub? I just don’t want to buy something that is going to be out of date.


Right now it looks like Aeotec and other partners just have re-branded V3 hubs. If you’re in North America, I would just try to track down a V3 hub. If you’re in Europe, go to Vesternet and buy the Aeotec version.

Keep watch on Amazon. They show some ST devices are coming back in stock in late December but nothing for the v2 or v3 hub yet. But that could change.

Ha ha I missed the UK in the title tag so this does not help you. Ha ha, I need glasses.

Ooh shoot is this forum for the UK, I am in USA


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Ok, not UK… check out the zones link above :slight_smile:

Here are a few places to check out where hubs may be available:

Those links mostly look like the WiFi mesh versions, not the regular V3 versions.

Historically The firmware for those Has not been updated as frequently as for the other models, So while you can use them just as a home automation hub, I wouldn’t buy one for that purpose, but only if you also want the Wi-Fi router capabilities.


Zones appears to have the v3 hub (at the bottom of the page) in the link I posted above. :slight_smile:

For how long they will have it in stock… who knows!

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If you know anyone with a commercial account at Best Buy, their office division seems to have some V3 hubs in stock. But they don’t sell to regular retail customers and again, who knows when they will run out.

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This is disappointing that the product is not available. Seems like this might not be the product we want to be using if not widely available and supported. I thought this was a popular product

The Zones link I posted above appears to have some hubs available. Check there.

It’s popular in one sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s profitable, and it’s not popular when compared to some other Samsung device classes like phones, televisions, or even refrigerators.

You can tell this just by looking at some of the statistics on the classic app versus the new V3 app.

The classic app had about 1 million installs at the android play store.

The new V3 app has over five hundred million, and a significantly higher star rating. Sure, a lot of those are just people who have Samsung smart appliances, but they mostly like the app.

Samsung has made the decision to stop selling the hubs under their own name, but it’s also likely that at this point less than 10% of their customer base, and may be a lot less than 10%, are using a hub. :thinking:

You can do a lot in a “hub optional” configuration with smartthings. All the various cloud to cloud integrations. Obviously that’s not what most people in this forum are looking for, but it’s potentially a large customerbase.

So right now this is a major transition. It could end up being very good for future customers who use a hub, it could be about the same as it is now, it could be worse. There’s just no way to tell right now.


Copied from another thread… Looks like Home Depot is back in stock, at least for now.

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Looks like they sold out nationally in less than 12 hours! :disappointed_relieved: And they are not showing it is backordered, so likely they just found some stock somewhere and put that up until it was gone.

For what it is worth I couldn’t find a v3 hub and my v1 hub kept falling offline so I went with the WiFi router/hub option and it has been pretty flawless after the pain of conversion. I will be interested to see what the firmware updates look like and functionality associated.