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I’m an early adaptor, so am still running my original (pre-Samsung) hub and have a mix of zigbee, z-wave and wifi devices, integrate ecobee, ring and philips hue.
I now want to use some newer devices (latest z-wave protocols) and made the decision to upgrade my hub. Dead end.
Can not find any v3 hub in Canada. Samsung Canada is worthless !!! in trying to get information and reading through all the forum posts I honestly believe it’s over. If it were not for my z-wave devices, I would have switched to Amazon Echo. Anyone here knows where I could purchase a Smartthings v3 hub or please tell me to steer away and give up on my z-wave devices and go to another brand?

It’s definitely out of stock pretty much everywhere in Canada and many places in the US. There’s been an official announcement that Aeotec will be producing hubs that are smartthings compatible (WASH: works as a smartthings hub) for Europe, but so far Aeotec has only certified one for the US, not for the EU. So it’s all pretty confusing right now.

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