Trying to add new V3 hub at new location

I’ve been a smartthings V3 hub user for 6 months or so after dumping Wink. I have a working V3 hub set up at my old location. I am trying to setup a new V3 hub (iOS 14.2) through the smartthings iOS app. I have the new location in the app and trying to setup the new hub. It continually fails with hub offline after scanning the QR code (it takes a few minutes to do this). I’ve tried wifi, ethernet (directly from the modem as well) nothing works. I’ve factory reset the hub numerous times. I’ve looked through community posts and tried numerous things to no avail.

any help someone can provide would be appreciated!

If you don’t have anything setup try to delete the Location and your SmartThings accounts and start afresh. Does the hub have a “green” light when plugged in or is it flashing blue?

Thanks for reply! I think I finally got it up and running. I was trying to set it up on my IPhone X and apparently ST app didn’t like something. After reading more forum threads I decided to try using my iPad and it worked first time. Had issues with the ST hub going offline, but I factory reset it once again today and reloaded. It seems like it’s working good now.

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