Cannot add new SmartThings Hub v3

Hello, guys!
I’m trying to add the SmartThings hub v3 or 2018 to my account but I’m facing many issues.
Using an iOS device I could not pass the validating code screen. Opened a ticket in support and they said it was a known issue and suggested to use another device.
I borrowed an android phone and tried to add the hub, was successful to get through the validating code step but had no luck after that. The WiFi setup claims it was not possible to connect to my WiFi, the Ethernet returns an error saying my hub is offline. Don’t know what else to do…
Anyone faced similar issues or know what’s going on?

I looked at our logs and your hub is failing to update. I would recommend replacing the hub if possible.

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Do i have another option if its not possible?

Frustratingly no. I checked with our hub developers and they confirmed the hub should be replaced. I am quite sorry!


Thanks for the support!

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