Trying over with No luck. Need help

Continuing the discussion from Vizia rf+ VRCS2-MR 2-Button Controller:

I have excluded and have factory reset. I have not had any luck. There are times I get two remotes, one remote, and there was a time I got three remotes but no switches. Each time afterwards of not getting a switch I have excluded, reset and have turned off the ST hub then reset the switch to start over. This switch is getting annoying.

Agreed that it is annoying. Two quick things to double-check:

  1. When you say you reset, did you cut the breaker to the switch? This is necessary.

  2. Did you relocate the hub to within a few feet of the switch. This is also critical.

In my experience, you need to follow those instructions to the letter and in the correct order, otherwise you get exactly the sort of outcomes you are describing.

Good luck!

Of all the 90+ devices I have, my Vizia device is the most troublesome and PITA device I own. I hate it actually. If it weren’t for my particular situation where I needed 2 switches in one device, I’d get rid of it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, where my switch is located I can’t expand the existing gang box to fit another switch due to space limitations and woodwork surrounding the switches.

This was also the most challenging device to pair. It also “forgets” that it’s part of ST (a lot) so I can control it remotely, so I usually have to trip the breaker to have it “wake up” again so I can control it again.

I am on a mission to get this device out of my HA environment forever, even if it means relocating wiring and installing a new box for 2 separate switches.