Troubleshooting Help Needed: Enerwave Dual Relay Switch Module Connectivity Issues (ZWN-RSM2)

Hello SmartThings Community,

I’m facing a challenge with my Enerwave Dual Relay Switch (ZWN-RSM2), installed since mid-2017, which controls my porch lights and landscape lighting. Recently, the device frequently shows as OFFLINE, disrupting my routines. This issue is perplexing as it occasionally runs smoothly then randomly stops for some reason.

Setup Details:

  • Initially, I configured the main device with what I remember was a custom Groovy device handler, then set up virtual switches for each light (one each for porch and landscape lights).
  • Faced with one switch malfunctioning, I somewhat recently rewired both sets of lights to the functioning switch. However, the parent device is struggling to maintain a connection with the Hub.
  • The main device is currently set up using the “Z-Wave Switch” device handler. I recall using a specific Groovy driver, now presumably phased out by Samsung as I don’t see it in the dropdown via the SmartThings web UI.

Additional Attempts:

  • Tried integrating a second ZWN-RSM2 switch, but couldn’t get the Smartthings Hub to recognize it.
  • Ran the Z-Wave Repair from the Smartthings Advanced Web UI.

Seeking Assistance For:

  1. Strategies to ensure consistent ONLINE status for the ZWN-RSM2.
  2. Restoring functionality to both virtual switches as before to allow independent device control.
  3. Pairing a second ZWN-RSM2 with my Hub for either replacement or expansion purposes.

I haven’t delved into my SmartThings setup recently, so I’m not caught up on the changes Samsung has implemented recently. Any guidance on troubleshooting steps, especially considering platform updates, would be immensely valuable.

If I’ve omitted any key details, please let me know what additional information would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Did you search the forum? The following edge Driver is the one that most people are using in order to get control of both switches on that model:

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc. Added Inovelli Gen1 Dimmers (NZW31) and Gen1 Switch (NZW30)

You could find it by looking on the “edge lighting“ quick browse list

FAQ: Using the quick browse lists without the community wiki

As far as the off-line issues, I’m sure that’s very frustrating, and it’s something that a lot of SmartThings customer report. It’s not always easy to fix. :thinking:

You can definitely open an official support ticket and let them look at it, as they can see things that we as regular customers cannot. The first person you get will probably just be a general Samsung employee working from a script who may not know much about smart things. But persevere, and it will eventually be escalated to an engineer who may be able to help.

When you ran Z wave repair, did you get any error messages? And in particular, did you see any unknown devices?

Just in case you need it…

Short FAQ on changing from one driver to another:

FAQ: How to change to a different edge driver

And the Long community FAQ on the new platform:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Hi @JDRoberts,

Thank you for your swift and insightful advice! Your contributions to this community are always invaluable.

Following one of your suggestions, I contacted Samsung Support about the Enerwave Dual Relay Switch’s intermittent OFFLINE status. While their feedback wasn’t helpful during several back-and-forth messages, I realized that the relay module was struggling to consistently communicate with the hub. Relocating an Aeotech Z-Wave speaker closer to this relay module bridged this gap, stabilizing the connection. I suspect a recent SmartThings firmware update might have influenced this, so I’ve suggested they investigate further.

Your recommendation to use the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc Edge driver was a game-changer. My Hub is now managing both relay switches flawlessly and I now have my routines working as expected to control my porch lights (hardwired) and landscape lights (plugged in). I’m still figuring out how to keep one plug in this outlet always on since both are linked to Switch #2 but this isn’t a major concern at the moment so I’ll address another time.

Your guidance has been immensely helpful, and I can’t thank you enough!

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