Switched to Samsung Connect

A day and half later, I finally have a functioning hub (v2) and most of my devices. I unfortunately can’t get my z wave devices to connect.

I have a Schlage FE599 keypad door lock, and two Enerwave ZWN-RSM2-PLUS Z-Wave Plus Switch Module, Dual Relay controlling fans and associated light respectively, were visible in and controllable in the classic app but are no longer visible in the Connect app.

Just login to SmartThings Classic App… You can use both Apps concurrently until SmartThings completes the full transition.

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Connect app could not connect to v2 bud due to a “server error”. Had to finally delete original account and factory reset hub to get connect app to hub. Which of course means I had to reset all previous devices. The only one’s I can’t connect are the aforementioned z wave.

Reading through the posts to see if anyone else has developed a solution.

Once you have your Hub and most Things working in the SmartThings Connect App, you can use the SmartThings Classic App to finish job (and, in general, continue to use it as the more stable App at the moment).

Both Apps use your same Account and Location/Hub in the SmartThings Cloud!


if you reset everything you are going to need to general exclude or individually reset all zwave devices before you can re-add them …

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Did that for all missing z-wave devices, and was able to reconnect Schlage lock. Now have difficulty with enerwave zwn-rsm2-plus z-wave switch modules. Hub confirms exclusion of switch module, but when I attempt to save module during device search I receive a server error. And module disappears from list of devices.

Just went through process of excluding, and reconnecting and was able to save z-wave modules. Persistence I guess.

Thank for everyone’s help.