Trouble with status display

Sometime over the last week, I seem to have lost accurate display of the on/off status of my devices. I have a large number-over 50-mostly on off switches and dimmers. Lights that are on display as being off on my app and vice Versa. I have tried network repair as well as rebooting. Doesn’t seem to resolve it. Any ideas?

There was a platform upgrade last week which then resulted in some bugs and some fixes to the bugs and a lot of turmoil in terms of status and device control.

The best thing to try to get everything back into the synch is to take the batteries out of the hub, unplug it, and leave it off for at least 15 minutes. You need to leave it off for the full amount of time in order for every device on the network to realize that the Coordinator has left and go into “panic mode.”

That way when the hub comes back online it should mean that every device will do a new handshake.

Several people have reported that just pushing the reset button, or just leaving the hub off for a few minutes is not sufficient.

This time period Should also cause the hub to re-synch with your cloud account.

It’s one of those can’t hurt, might help strategies, so it’s worth a try.

Much discussion in the following topic:

JD Solves my problem again! Many thanks.

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