iOS App showing incorrect "Things" status

I noticed that after the recent HUB update, the status of “Things” is displayed incorrectly. All of my “Things” are shown as “Off” even though the lights can be turned on and off. I clicked on"Refresh" and the status remains as “Off” although it will start off as “Turning On”…but soon after it will show “Off” again.

Any ideas?

You are not alone. This is happening frequently to me although just a minor annoyance which seems to occur after a significant number of devices have been controlled. (i.e. routine just run) It’s minor to me because the problem existed in Iris V2 with no way to refresh, which often led to the device being cycled several times before the GUI caught up.

Is there a work around or will rebooting the Hub rectify this? I’m about 17 miles away from the property - not too far but it’s a pain in the butt if I have to constantly go to the house to make sure the lights are off…which completely defeats the purpose of having ST hub.

I had a similar issue last night where a light that I know was off was showing up as on. I also noticed that Vacation Light Director was turned on even though our mode wasn’t set to Vacation (how I have it restricted) and lights kept randomly turning off/on. Had to delete the smart app to fix it.

Actually I rebooted by Hub and resolved the issue.

I still don’t understand why ST can’t build in a remote boot functionality.

It’s in the IDE