Device Status Hub_Disconnected

I have several devices reporting as Hub_Disconnected on the ide and show offline in the app. This happened after an internet outage. I reset the hub and the power. Any ideas how to fix this. Everything works but alexa says the device isnt responding, even know it is.

Its both zigbee and zwave devices.

As these devices “check in”, their status should change. Or, you can go around to all those devices and use them (open/close/on/off/lock/unlock/etc…) to force a status change.

For your zwave devices, you may need to use the airgap switch to power cycle them (GE’s specifically).

I tried that and it didnt help.

you power cycled the hub? if a v2, did you remove the batteries also?

It may take some time now that we’re at a new firmware version of the hub. Prior to 24.11 it would update fairly quick, bu 24.11 is proving to be different in how status is addressed/reported (I believe).

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I did take batteries out. I think john is right everything seems to be slowly coming back online.