Hub Showing offline in APP

I can use some help. My v2 Hub is showing offline when i go into the app on my phone. None of my notifications or things are working. I can access the hub through the IDE and even send a reboot and ping it. Any ideas?

No idea, mine just went down at 12:45 cst.

Mine is showing as down as well. Status page is showing everything is ok?

The status page is always ok. I think those statuses are actually for that page…n and not anything else lol

Yeah mine is down too.

This is probably not a good sign… But it is on par with the rest of my day.

Mine is done also. It went down about an 1 hour ago… and is still down.

Status page is now showing Degraded Performance in North America:

Support said to recycle the power

Is up and running now.

What did you do to fix it?

Reboot taking batteries off (v2)

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Power cycle (with battery pull) brought my hub online but commands to switch lights are still not being executed. Z Wave button controllers are sending events, so ST is online and responding to Z Wave events. I can control Hue-connected lights, but on/off commands sent to ZigBee or Z-Wave lights and switches don’t appear to be doing anything.

Offline all day so far

Status updated as resolved and a power cycle required:

It looks like they are having problems again today. I had problems on the 9th and 11th as reported on the status page (as well as other days that went unreported). Today, I have been offline for at least an hour. I’m on home Wi-Fi. I rebooted it, and it reported that it is “now active and receiving an update.” It is still offline 20m later.