Trouble with ADT ST hub Update feature

I have had trouble with my ADT security hub. It seems to go online and offline constantly (with associated beeps, which drive us all crazy) and even in my app, I am not able to allow updates. It just keeps defaulting to “Don’t Allow”.

Is there anything I can do?


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That setting is for zigbee devices, not the hub. Do you have any zigbee devices?

Hi Jimmy,

No I do not and that is the smaller of the issues. The biggest issue is that the hub is constantly going on and off line and beeping when it does. Any thoughts?

Thanks again - Lester

Same here broadband nerwork failure. How do we disable this beeping. Who do we talk to to get a firmware update to disable this anoying beeping

Mine was doing this, turns out the spectrum WiFi router/modem I was using was the culprit (the thing was junk and was causing issues with my Chromecast also). I found the Samsung Connect Home mesh wifi 3 pack for real cheap and that fixed the issue. Bad thing is neither the ADT or connect home have had a firmware update in quite a while. Maybe worth looking at your wifi router quality/wifi strength and or it’s distance to the ADT Hub.