ST v2 Hub become unstable since 25/10/2019 (showing FW 27.9)

Since the 25th October my ST hub has been going online/offline approximately 3-4 times a day (the Domoticz Server notifications appear straight away as that has a shorter timeout than the official “hub offline” notifications).

Has there been a botched update as I notice my FW is 27.9, but the last update notification was for 27.8 in September?

Any guidance appreciated, or comments from anyone else who has this issue please?

Many thanks

27.9 is the latest firmware and was released in mid September.

For some reason @SmartThings staff decided not to create a new thread; it was the last of a series of hotfixes. The announcement can be found here:

Thanks for this - so it looks like it’s not the firmware update that has caused this all of a sudden.

I’m away for just over a week so there isn’t a lot I can do physically with the hub (typical that this happened just as I was flying away!) - hopefully this is just a temporary cloud issue that will be fixed by the time I come back.


Looks like a faulty POE adapter was the cause (now awaiting a replacement)