ADT SmartThings Hub Broadband Connectivity

I just got the ADT smart things hub and keep getting an error message, probably once every hour, saying broadband connectivity was lost. Anyone else having this issue? Not sure if it is a problem with the smart hub or if I need to upgrade my internet speed. This wouldn’t serve as such a big issue because it is not offline for long when it happens but when it does happen it beeps really loud until you clear the message.

Did you happen to figure out a solution to this issue? I’m having this exact issue.

No solution. Got a replacement and same issue. Had to return it which led to more issues because they refused to give me a refund. I finally convinced them to give me store credit. But it was a lot of drama. Get rid of it now if you can.

That’s really dissapointing, Thanks for the info!

I seem to have issues with my ADT SmartThings hub going offline. Every once in a while it restores for about a minute and then goes back offline. The funny thing is that it’s showing online and connected to my network on my panel. I’ve had it for over 2 months and never experienced this issue. I hope it’s not a hardware issue. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

So I was able to figure out what my issue was. While the panel was showing a good WiFi signal the router was crap and the wireless was dropping the connection very briefly several times a day. My V2 hub never had this issue since they have to be hardwired. I bought the Samsung connect 3 pack WiFi mesh that I found on sale and I have had no issues since I set it up. It even fixed the issues I have been having with my google homes and chromecast disappearing from the cast list forcing me to hard reboot them.

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