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Trouble Using Presence Sensors

(Ryan) #1

I’m still new to ST, but I am having some issues and I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere. I added a simulated presence sensor and configured it in Sharp Tools, I have tasker updating it successfully, however when I go to add an automation in the SmartThings app, I can’t find any way to actually use the presence sensor. It doesn’t show up under the member’s location selection, it does show up under device status BUT I cannot select it there.

Additionally, I added my wife as a member of my home and she can access and control the SmartThings hub. Looking at my devices, her phone shows up there as a Mobile Presence sensor. When I go to create an automation, however, her presence does not show up anywhere that I can find.

Can anyone give me a hand figuring this out?

(jkp) #2

Are you using the ST Classic app or the new ST (Samsung Connect) app?

(Ryan) #3

Apparently, the new Samsung Connect version of the ST app. I didn’t realize that was a thing when I set things up last week. I installed the Classic app which can see all the presence sensors. Fun. Why would they release a newer version of the app that is that wonky? Also, is there a timeline as to when the “classic” app is going to stop working?

(jkp) #4

Unfortunately there is no timeline

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(Ryan) #5

Horray for uncertainty. That’s exactly what everyone wants out of their home automation, right? :wink:

Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

(jkp) #6

I should also point out that each app has their own separate presence sensor so you may want to recreate your presence sensor in the Classic app.

(Mark) #7

I’ll bet this is exactly what was in the email from Samsung management to ST management when they were told to release a new app that obviously wasn’t finished yet :rofl:.

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