New Smartthings App - Wife's iPhone not working as presence sensor

I transitioned from the Classic app to the new app last year sometime, and have been generally pleased with the performance. Except one thing. I am the “Owner” and my wife is a “Member”. She gets notifications and all that. But her phone is not working properly as a presence sensor; i.e., the system does not seem to recognize when she comes and goes. I have both of us set up in the SmartApps Auto Mode Setting with her phone and mine. But when the actions in that app were not working and properly designating presence (i.e., both of us gone, one of us home, etc.), I also set up a four Automations to notify all members when I leave or arrive, and when she leaves or arrives. Those work for me, but not for her phone. What could I be getting wrong or forgetting to do?

Does the ST app on her phone have cellular permissions enabled? Is Classic app and that presence sensor still enabled?

Yes, cell service is enabled for the ST new app on her phone. I removed the Classic app from both of our phones, so I guess it is probably not enabled. But I did make some changes at the same time on the web page where you can see all your settings. But frankly I don’t recall exactly what I did or whether that web UI deals with the Classic database or the new database, which I understood to be different entities. I’ll have to go back and look, but I’m pretty sure I just used that to remove my phone because I was showing two instances of it during the transition. But I’m sure I didn’t do anything with respect to her phone.

Maybe I need to remove her phone using the Web UI and then add her back on the new app?

Check that phone location is still enabled in her ST app

You can login to IDE at go to Devices and check that there is activity on her phone presence there. Click on the name and it will show last activity.

I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember where in the app to see if her phone location is enabled. They seem to have stuff stuck everywhere. Another strange note that I discovered when trying to answer this question. On my phone she shows as a Member; on her phone she shows as Invited. Not sure why that could happen. First thing I will do is try to figure out how to accept the invitation on her phone. I think I will have to figure out how to generate another QR code.

Menu > settings > phone location

Ha ha yes they have :wink:

Thanks. Yes, “Use Phone Location” is ON.

Login to IDE in the post above and check activity

I figured out how to generate another QR code, but when I try to read it with her phone (i.e., Accept Invitation), I get an error message on her phone: “Can’t accept invitation. Network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

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The dreaded Network or Server error occurred which does not provide any details. I have seen folks have that for so many reasons… cellular data service not enabled for app, ad blocker software installed, network protection enabled on a home network, or possibly her shared account, etc.

You may want to contact ST support and let them investigate for you .

On the IDE, everything looks hunky dory for her phone. Only a couple of things are strange (or I don’t understand them): For her phone Current States, it shows presence: present (which is the case) and occupancy: unoccupied (which I don’t understand). For the Auto Mode Setting app, it shows the App Version as “Nobody Home” (?)

I do have some VPN thingies, but not on her phone. Possibly some other junk like that. I do quite a few things on my mobile devices and on my desktop.

I am not familiar with this app. To be honest, I have never seen it before. I just did a quick search and could not find it. Hopefully someone else can jump in and assist you.

Tagging @prjct92eh2 who loves Automations :slight_smile: . Ha ha I bug him too much

Good news, looks like the presence sensor is working. Most likely, the problem is either with the automations or something managing it

I too am not familiar with The Auto Mode Setting smart app. I would just do it with the automation creator in the new app.

The app was a carryover from the Classic App. I think I will just try to set up the equivalent action as an Automation.

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