Showing mobile presence in app

I’m from the old ST, where each mobile presence shows up as a device and can be seen in the app. I see in the new app the type for a call phone is placeholder and there is no network ID, and it’s not assigned to a hub. Has anyone played around with these settings to make the device show up and still behave peoperly when leaving/returning the geo zone?

There’s no direct way to do it. What quite a few people do is create a virtual switch to act as a proxy for presence, and then have an automation that turns it on when home and off when away. It works, it’s just annoying that we have to do this for ourselves instead of having it as a built-in feature.

How do you set up this automation in ST?
I created a simulated presence sensor. The sensor does not show as an option to add into automations.

I was able to use Webcore but I’d like to keep it in the ST app if possible.