Need family member migrate help

Hello everyone. I’ve migrated over to the new app. Everything went over (except my automations) but my wife that uses a cellphone as a presence sensor to come and go does NOT show up like I do.
Does anyone know how I get them onto the new app like they were before as a cell presence user.

Currently, the app’s presence sensors do not display in the new app like they did in the Classic app.

To check if presence is enabled in the new app, click on menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and click on settings (the cog) and you will see a section about enable location on this device.

Okay and then “jenna phone” will work as it did before? I’ll see if it shows up in automations when I make one. I just updated her app to the new version and she doesnt show up kn that either.

Okay I have the app up and running and now found my routines etc. And I see jenns phone shows when I make a routine. I kind of like the new layout. But how do I know when she present or gone if it doesnt show up in the app at all?

Unfortunately that is hard in the new app. They do not show as devices like they did In the Classic app. Everyone has there own way for getting around this. You can send notifications to alert you when someone arrives/leaves. Some users rely on sharptools or ActionTiles to show status. Other create simulated presence sensors. Some users install life360 in the Classic app and those show in the new app.

There is always the possibility that presence will be added to the new app in the future. One can hope. It is a feature many folks ask for.

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I’m seeing now her phone has shown as present still when she left today. Maybe I need to enable locations in the app on her phone. Should do the trick.

Just funny I see my phone as a sensor but not her. Thanks for the help!!

Could that be the old sensor for her from the Classic app?

I see me amd my phone as a presence sensor but not hers. I’ve deleted all old apps that I had and I do have her in my automations (which by the way are under smart apps now that I’ve looked):roll_eyes: i set up automations for all of mine BEFORE I knew I still had them Duh!!

so soon as I can get to her phone I’ll check it out.

okay now its getting frustrating. lets start over-
-got the new app on her phone and mine.
-old apps deleted
-deleted her as user from old app and that also take her out of the automations. I invited her to new app. she now shows as a member but does not show as something i can put into routines for come and go presence.

  • now the question is, I do not find a way to make her a cellphone a presence sensor like mine. it used to be that you could add the phone but nothing shows in devices now other than smartthings and eZEX i’m sure it real easy and I’ve overlooked it 100 times. i definitely owe someone a beer after all this :slight_smile: