Presence Sensors from Phones

So I’ve been using the new app with little to no issues (just can’t control my garage door from the handler I have). And I’ve used presence sensors for my wife and I’s phones for quite a while. Well she got a new phone a few days ago and now the new app won’t give me the option to select her phone as a device. It’s also the same for her, she can do everything but it doesn’t show my device as being an option.

At one point randomly it gave me an option for my phone and Unknown Device, I checked that one as well and quickly saved it. It does seem to work, but if I ever go to edit it doesn’t show any devices other than my own. But on the details for the automation you can see this:

I’ve tried uninstalling the app, as has she every time it comes back to the same result. If I go to the old SmartThings app I do see all the correct details and names of the phones, as does she for my phone but changing the names of the phones or anything doesn’t propagate to the new app.

Looking under:
I do see both of our phones and they’re named as they should be.

I’ve also tried removing her access to the the hub and re-adding with no success.

Any guesses as to what could be done to fix would be greatly appreciated, ideally without having to start over with the hub, doesn’t sound like fun at all to reset all my Z-wave and Zigbee devices.

On iOS, you have to turn on “use location information” from the settings menu on the dashboard. Have you tried this?

Best advice - continue using the SmartThings Classic app :slight_smile:

Both phones are Android, mine is Galaxy S8+ and hers Galaxy S9+.