Missing my iPhone(as a presence sensor) from the new smartthings app

Both Classic and New apps are working fine.
But only difference is that the new one does not show my iPhone. It’s just removed from the device list.

It just shows up very short time right after added but just gone.
How can I see it ?

The presence sensor you added in the Classic app will not show in the Samsung Connect app. You would need to set up a presence sensor in the new app in Dashboard: Settings: Use Location information

That’s exactly what I did.
I removed all presence sensor from Classic App.

Then turned on “User location information” on the new app.
But it doesn’t show up

mobile presence devices don’t show up as a device in the new app, no matter which app they are created in. very annoying. Email support and request it.

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Really ? What Samsung is doing ? How come they messed up Smartthings ?
Please let them keep up the good work.

It’s very annoying because

  • no way to check the status of phone
    -To make matters worse, status is not updating well.

I ended up creating a Custom Automation rule to let me know when it was coming and going since I couldn’t manually check.

I have just switched back to the classic.