Trouble Using Presence Sensors

I’m still new to ST, but I am having some issues and I haven’t been able to find a solution anywhere. I added a simulated presence sensor and configured it in Sharp Tools, I have tasker updating it successfully, however when I go to add an automation in the SmartThings app, I can’t find any way to actually use the presence sensor. It doesn’t show up under the member’s location selection, it does show up under device status BUT I cannot select it there.

Additionally, I added my wife as a member of my home and she can access and control the SmartThings hub. Looking at my devices, her phone shows up there as a Mobile Presence sensor. When I go to create an automation, however, her presence does not show up anywhere that I can find.

Can anyone give me a hand figuring this out?

Are you using the ST Classic app or the new ST (Samsung Connect) app?

Apparently, the new Samsung Connect version of the ST app. I didn’t realize that was a thing when I set things up last week. I installed the Classic app which can see all the presence sensors. Fun. Why would they release a newer version of the app that is that wonky? Also, is there a timeline as to when the “classic” app is going to stop working?

Unfortunately there is no timeline

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Horray for uncertainty. That’s exactly what everyone wants out of their home automation, right? :wink:

Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


I should also point out that each app has their own separate presence sensor so you may want to recreate your presence sensor in the Classic app.


I’ll bet this is exactly what was in the email from Samsung management to ST management when they were told to release a new app that obviously wasn’t finished yet :rofl:.

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