Trouble shoot double switch activation

I have the SmartThings classic app on an Android phone. I created an “automation” to turn on the switch (connected to a lamp) at sunset, it’s called “Eve LR Lite On”. I also have one that turns off the switch at a specific time. I also have an Amazon Alexa which is also connected to the SmartThings hub.

My problem is that the switch comes on correctly at sunset. However if I later turn off the switch either through the app or Alexa, for some reason it comes back on a few minutes later.

I checked to see if I had other automations that uses this switch but I don’t. I checked the Events List and I see only one activation of the automation.

How can I troubleshoot this problem further to find out what might be turning on the switch after I command it off.

Can you post a screenshot of the automation just so we can see everything? You can also check the SmartApps tab once you select the device in classic to see exactly what is controlling it.