Automation to turn off device after elapsed time fails

I use a Simulated Alexa Switch to start and stop activities on my Amazon Echos.
I set up an Automation in the ST App to turn off the switch after 2 hours.
It has worked fine for a long time but now the switch doesn’t turn off.

I also have one that turns off after one hour and it works.

If I shorten the time from 2 hours to 1 minute it works…

Not sure why this started recently…

I too have an automation to turn a switch off after 2 hours and it failed one day this week. Simply editing and saving the automation got it to fire

Pretty sure I tried that to no avail…

I decided to use Smart Lighting Power Allowance instead. Never had a problem with it failing.

We’re able to reproduce this issue and it is currently being investigated.


Thanks for the update @Brad_ST

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Thanks for checking it out!

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I am getting this issue also in the UK, some switches turn off some don’t

I also see this every day now for weeks, I had tried editing the automations and resaving them this worked on one of them for awhile but did nothing for another ones.

A fix for this was released in earlier this month. Are you still seeing this issue?

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I just tried it for one hour and it worked as it should. Thanks for your help! :+1:

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I am still having issues with virtual contact/switches in my alexa routine actually triggering the routine. Anyone else?