Device Start/Stop time not activating

I have a switch that has a start and stop time, but yesterday, it stopped working. I can think of two things that changed recently:

  1. There was an SmartThings app update on my Android phone, and
  2. My power went off for a couple of hours last evening.

Any suggestions as to how to get it working again?

More details please. Brand/model of the device? What do you mean by start and stop time… is that an automation or something else?

My guess is it is probably related to the power outage.

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Which model switch?
When you say it has a start and stop time, do you mean it is being turned on and off by automations?

Can the switch still be turned on and off manually?
If it can, does the SmartThings app show the changes?
Can you turn the switch on and off remotely using the SmartThings app?
Is it the timed on and off that no longer works?

Are virtual switches local now?

Why did you post that question in this thread? it is so far off-topic from the OP’s post :slight_smile:

Maybe post in he following thread…

I saw it was mentioned when discussing why his automation was not running. It caught my attention.

Switches have properties that allow you to set start and stop times to turn them on or off, so it’s not an automation, per se. All switches that I have possess these properties, so I don’t think make & model are an issue.

Anyway, I changed the stop time to a point 2 minutes in the future, tested it, found that it worked, then changed it back to my original time. I’m hoping that changing the value reinitialized its schedule.

I wish the Smartthings ecosystem were more reliable.

That is still an automation, even if you didn’t create it through the “Automation creator“ in the app.

The kind of automation you create on the device page is called a “Quick Controls“ automation.

And the model number can make a great deal of difference in allowing other people to help you, so it’s good to give that information whenever you have it readily available. :sunglasses:

By any chance, have you updated to the new 2021 version of the smartthings app in the last few days? A number of people have reported some issues with the Quick Controls Automations after they updated, and they had to edit and re-save them in order to get them to work again.


I just noticed that your first post does say that you did update to the new 2021 app. In that case, that’s a problem that several people have reported, very frustrating, but the only solution seems to be to edit the Quick Controls Automation and save it again.

“updated to the new 2021 version of the smartthings app in the last few days”

yes, I mentioned that in my original post as a possible source of the problem. It updated automatically in the past couple of days. The update process seems to have prevented my alarm from arming while it was waiting for me to acknowledge the update.

“Quick Controls Automation”

Where is this stuff documented? I only see references to it in the community when I Google on it.

Once upon a time it was explained in the 2018 smartthings app itself, including a pop-up note. I don’t think that’s still there in the new 2021 app, but I don’t know for sure.