Smart Lighting automation acting strange

I have a Smart Lighting automation to turn on an Ikea switch that powers a lamp. On at 9AM and off at 8PM. It powers on at 9Am but turns off and on throughout the day. Any ideas?

If you click on Routines in the lower menu for the Device (bottom image you attached) … do any Routines show there? checking if there is some other automation involved. Also, do you use Alexa and do you have Hunches enabled there?

Is this an old Smart Lighting rule that just started behaving this way? Or is it a new rule that behaved in this manner from when you created it?

There are no other automations. We use Google Home Assistant not Alexa. It’s a new automation created using Smart Lighting. I’ve checked everything I can think of.

The Ikea switch is plugged into a power strip so I was thinking that may be the problem but when the lamp turns off, I don’t get an “offline” status and I can immediately turn it back on. If the switch was failing, would it correctly report it’s off/on status to Smathhings?

I’m going to delete the Smart lighting routine and use a regular automation. If the problem goes away, it’s an issue with the Smart Lighting app. If is continues, it must be a hardware problem…

I’m confused.

Are you turning off the power strip? That would make the smart switch inoperative and it should go to “offline”.

Turning the switch itself off by any means but leaving the power strip on would leave the switch online but in an “off” state.

The Ikea outlet is plugged into a power strip and it controls a lamp with a plant light bulb. The power strip is never turned off.

This morning I deleted the smart lighting routine and created a normal automation to control the Ikea switch. It turned on at 9AM. If if it stays all day, something is not working in the Smart Lighting Smart app.

You are using the older version of Smart Lighting (your posted image). The new version was released recently if you want to test it.

Add Routine > tap Discover tab > scroll down and tap on Smart Lighting > add new rule at which point the new SL Smartapp will appear on the Automations section.

Your current Smart Lighting rules will be migrated to the newer version before the end of the year.

Thanks for the instructions on the new Smart lighting app. The Ikea switch turned off at 9:45 so it must have a hardware problem. I’ll start isolating devices till I can pinpoint the problem.

Yes, has to be something other than Smart Lighting. I’ve had a Smart Lighting automation for almost 3 years that turns on a Securifi Peanut Plug at 9am and off at 9pm. It’s used for the light on my aquarium.