Smart LIghting Problem

I have a lighting automation in Smart Lighting that turns on a light when a particular door is open. But it is set to only do so if another switch, which I use for nighttime, is on. It has been working fine.

All of a sudden it is ignoring the night time switch. I have checked and the night time switch is off. I have edited the automation in Smart Lights, etc. But it still messes up and turns the light on whenever the door is opened. No matter what the night time switch is.

Any thoughts?

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Have you looked in the recently tab for the device to make sure it is that smart lighting rule that is turning on the light?

Yep. It definitely is the automation I created. Also I can open the door and the light immediately comes on. There is nothing else that would do that.

I also have another automation or rule, whatever you call it, that is exactly the same with a different door and a different light. It is still working fine. Only comes on if the night time switch is on just like it’s supposed to.

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Have you tried to open the Smart Lighting instance and click save?

Yep. Did an edit, then undid the edit, saved, etc. Didn’t help.

If its a easy rule just delete it and recreate, see what happens.

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Yeah, I’ll probably give that a try.

The problem itself is not a big deal. The light coming on really doesn’t hurt anything. I was just wondering more as to what caused it.

Well it apparently fixed itself. Today it’s working like it’s supposed to. I should check to make sure my calendar is correct and yesterday wasn’t Friday the 13th or something…:slight_smile:

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