Trouble setting up IFTTT?

I"m trying to set up IFTTT, but when I click through the link, log in, and select my location, I’m presented with either an error at that point, or I get the list of devices and click authorize, then nothing happens. Has anyone gotten it working recently?

I’ve used SmartThings with IFTTT to integrity with many other vendors. I never experienced your particular problem and unfortunately can’t provide any suggestions, but I can tell you that it works very well.

Try doing it in Internet Explorer, if using FireFox or Chrome the IDE errors all the time

No troubles here either. Don’t use IE. stick with Chrome of Edge and you will be happier.

Try logging into your ifttt account separately first and confirm it looks normal. The man reboot computer and try again.

There are huge amounts of documented problems using chrome with the IDE. For some reason Chrome Private Browsing is fine, but not normal. I believe FireFox is the same.

People also saying that the Samsung account pages are the same, but not sure this is needed for the IFTTT intergration part.

I use Chrome all day, everyday. But can’t with the IDE, so this isn’t some silly bias, just how it seems to be.


Yeah, once I started incognito from ifttt and signed in to ST, I made it through the whole process. Working well now!

Guess I have been lucky since I have never experienced any problems using Chrome and the IDE.