Trouble pairing Linear z-wave switch

(Gordon Mc Keown) #1

I’ve recently begun to build my Smarttings home and have run into some trouble with a Linear ws15z-1 that refuses to show up in my app. Here’s the backstory…
New house that came with a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch which I originally planned to use as my hub but quickly recognized that I hated it. The switch was paired with it and worked fine. While setting up Smartthings I knew that I would have to unpair the switch from the Tuxedo, which proved difficult. I tried multiple times using the “Remove Device” function in the Tuxedo. Finally I had to reset the Zwave in the Tuxedo, which did drop the switch from the list of devices. Since then, however, I still don’t seem able to find the switch in the Smartthings app…
Any ideas? Thanks in advance

(Mark) #2

Try putting the hub into general exclusion mode.

Then follow the exclude procedure for the switch.

(Gordon Mc Keown) #3

Worked like a champ! Thanks for the assist

(Mark) #4


Z-wave devices need to be excluded from their old controller before they can be paired with a new one.

But in case that’s not possible, you can still force the device to exclude with your new controller, using the “general exclusion.”