Trouble pairing Linear z-wave switch

I’ve recently begun to build my Smarttings home and have run into some trouble with a Linear ws15z-1 that refuses to show up in my app. Here’s the backstory…
New house that came with a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch which I originally planned to use as my hub but quickly recognized that I hated it. The switch was paired with it and worked fine. While setting up Smartthings I knew that I would have to unpair the switch from the Tuxedo, which proved difficult. I tried multiple times using the “Remove Device” function in the Tuxedo. Finally I had to reset the Zwave in the Tuxedo, which did drop the switch from the list of devices. Since then, however, I still don’t seem able to find the switch in the Smartthings app…
Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Try putting the hub into general exclusion mode.

Then follow the exclude procedure for the switch.

Worked like a champ! Thanks for the assist

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Z-wave devices need to be excluded from their old controller before they can be paired with a new one.

But in case that’s not possible, you can still force the device to exclude with your new controller, using the “general exclusion.”

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