Trouble connecting smartthings wifi to schlage connect touchscreen

I am trying to move my schlage connect touchscreen from wink to a new smartthings wifi hub and the lock will not pair with the hub.

Steps I have taken

  • factory reset the lock
  • placed hub within ~10ft of the lock (with ethernet cable in)
  • every time I enter the programming code into the lock to the pair I get a flashing red X

It has been paired with Wink fine for a few years

any tips is appreciated

  • try a z-wave exclusion for the lock first
  • then bring the lock close to the hub as you mentioned
  • put the hub in inclusion mode to add the lock
  • enter the commands on the lock

to exclude, open the hub in menu > devices > your hub > click 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and choose z-wave utilities, and run exclusion and follow the commands on the lock to exclude

To add to what @jkp said you can find more detailed steps here

Thanks for the quick help. Entering the programming code on the lock after starting exclude on smartthings was the missing step

I am good to go