How to 'unpair' Schlange Connect form the discontinued Smart things Hub?

How do I disconnect the Schlange lock from the Smartthings Hub if the hub no longer recognizes the lock?

I have tried pairing the lock with a new z-wave system but keep getting the red “X” when trying to connect. All of the help articles I found say to start in the Smartthings app to disconnect, but the app no longer recognizes the lock.

I tried removing the batteries, when I reconnect the power it blinks which I think means it is still paired. The Smartthings Hub is not powered on.


on the new hub, perform a z-wave exclusion on the lock - basically put the hub into exclusion and go through the same steps for adding the lock, once you get the green check mark you can add it to that hub

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See the steps on the first post on how to exclude devices

Users of Wink smart home hubs must begin paying a $5 per month working completely—along with many smart home devices connected to it.

That’s only to use their hub/platform. A Z-Wave device can be excluded from any Z-Wave controller, the link above shows the steps on how to exclude Z-Wave devices using SmartThings.

The only exception to this rule is for platforms + devices which activate an anti theft feature while pairing the device, this prevents the device from being excluded by any other controller other than the enrolling controller. Wink does NOT use the anti theft class. AFAIK only Vivint (Kwikset) locks with the Vivint Security Panel use this feature.