Converting Schlage BE469 from Wink to SmartThings

I have an older Schlage Connect BE 469 model that I am having issue connecting to my new Aeotec Smarthing Hub. I am converting due to the current Wink Status. I am failing (Red X) on the pairing with the hub and I think it is either:

  1. I didn’t / can’t exclude the device from the Wink Hub
  2. Hardware incompatible.

Has anybody else converted the BE469 from Wink to SmartThings? If yes, how?

EDIT: It is working with ST now. I wrongly assumed I had to exclude from the Wink Hub but was able to do so from the ST app. Thanks JKP


You may want to start by reading the following thread…

You can exclude those devices from the ST app :slight_smile: in the ST app, go to the Devices section, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, select All Devices, locate and open your hub, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities


Also, the older Schlage locks (the ones that are ZWave - not ZWave plus) use S0 security and whisper mode pairing which means…

You’ll have to practically put your hub right on top of the lock (practically within a few inches) to get it to pair correctly.

So your procedure is:
Either take the lock off the door and move it to the hub or put the hub right next to your lock
Exclude the lock (put st in exclusion and run the exclusion sequence on the lock)
Factory reset the lock.

Yes both. On non ZWave plus locks an exclusion is not guaranteed on a factory reset. That came with ZWave Plus. You need the lock not included and cleared of codes for ST to take it.

Then put the hub right next to the lock and try to include the lock.

Once the lock is included move the hub or the lock back to final location and run a ZWave repair.

This is literally the only scenario I reccommmend moving either the hub or lock usually I recommend pair in place.


We should also add that the older model Schlage locks have been particularly persnickety when it comes to pairing with a smartthings hub. So much so that they have their own FAQ. :thinking: So you can also check out the following thread if you still can’t get it paired:

FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks

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Tom - I just did this last weekend as I moved from Wink to Smartthings with the outage. You don’t need to exclude.

Perform factory reset then follow the include instructions on the smartthings app. It is that simple. I read and also had to do the factory reset 2-3 times before I was able to join with Smartthings but it worked.

Good luck!