Trouble adding IRIS devices with the V3 app

I am new to ST, was using IRIS at both my homes. Currently using newer version of SmartThings APP.At my winter home I added a Smart Hub V3 and was able to integrate all the acceptable IRIS devices such as garage door controller, 2nd gen. contact sensors and 2nd gen smart plugs. At my permanent home decided to use a WiFi/hub controller as I have multiple floors and need expanded WiFi. When I tried to connect the same type of IRIS devices I kept getting a message that said " his device requires a hub to connect". The hub is active and allowed all ST devices to connect and work. I thought to install the ST Classic app and try that. All the IRIS devices connected normally. When I switched back to the newer app they were present and working. So if others are trying to connect IRIS devices and having problems, try the Classic APP.


The new Samsung Connect / SmartThings app IMHO is horrible. It’s not even really ready to be a beta release yet but there it is!

Yeah, set it up using Classic app, actually run it with the Classic App, you’ll be better off for it.

Samsung has a VERY long way to go with the Samsung Connect SmartThings app. I do like the UI design better, but functionality is just missing or broken with it.